What type of paperwork do I need for regulatory review? 

We provide a photo and fire damper log with all required information, which not only shows you each step of the work we do, but has been highly appreciated by inspecting authorities. Learn about our DOCUMENTATION process here.

What type of access do I need to the duct work where the fire damper is?

The largest size possible up to a 16"x16" duct access door as the duct allows.

We had new fire dampers Installed. When do they have to be inspected?

They have to be inspected within one year of installation.

How often do I have to have my fire dampers inspected?

Most buildings need to be inspected every four years. Hospital occupancy is every 6 years but there are some exceptions. Visual inspections recommended every two years.

We have a fire damper that is hard to gain access to, can we report it as inaccessible?

No. Every effort must be made to ensure damper can be inspected and tested.

Why did my fire damper fail?

  • Most common, a gravity fire damper was installed in duct that requires a spring loaded fire damper.
  • The gap between the fire damper and the duct is too large.
  • They are installed outside of the plane of the wall or the floor.
  • Some fire dampers are installed with screws into the side walls which does not allow the curtains to close.

How do I know if my fire damper has been installed in the right direction?

There is an arrow that points in the correct direction for installation.

There is caulking around my fire damper, is this acceptable?

No. You need some air space around the fire damper to allow the fire damper to expand in the event of a fire.